Battaggion S.p.A.

Battaggion S.p.A. has made technological research and customer care the guiding principles of its company history. Since 1918, we have been producing mixers and industrial kneaders for the most various application sectors, providing the international market with custom-made solutions, from the design to the project up to the final manufacturing and assembly of a single machine or of a complete plant.

Made in Italy

All mixers and industrial kneaders derive from our continuous research and from the know-how typical of Italian culture, famous for the design and production excellence.


Our mixers and industrial kneaders are built in the most performing configuration, with the aim of improving production quality and efficiency.


Our engineering team is able to solve all Customers’ requests, whichever would be the application and installation sector of our mixers and kneaders.


  • 1918

    Officine Meccaniche Enrico Battaggion begins its activity with the design and manufacture of industrial kneaders for bread as well as presses for chocolate.

  • 1936

    During the Second World War the company becomes property of the Italian government, which converts it in mechanical company for the production of military equipment.

  • 1946

    At the end of the Second World War, the company returns to its owners of Battaggion family.

  • 1948

    Enrico Battaggion is elected President of the Industrial Union of Bergamo.

  • 1956

    With the beginning of the chemistry of polymers and of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the company changes its production from powder mixing to plastic compounding machines and becomes sector leader. In partnership with Henschel, they deposit the patent for turbo-mixers.

  • 1970-1994

    The company increases its production range and the first industrial Sigma Kneaders are designed and manufactured.

  • 2005-2007

    Thanks to the right of using the brand Molteni, continuing also its Company management and the daily business, and to the acquisition of Valtorta company, Battaggion S.p.A. improves the production of vertical mixers for liquids and of horizontal mixers for powders. The company strengthens in this way its presence on the mixer market expanding its range of applications.

  • 2017

    After more than 10 years of collaboration, the development of new machines and technologies as well as the brand strengthening on the International market, Battaggion completes the acquisition of Molteni Company.

  • 2018

    Battaggion confirms itself as one of the most important Italian historical company reaching the result of 100 years of history.

  • 2019

    Battaggion is carrying-out an historical enlargement operation of its general headquarter in Bergamo, to create a single business unit of the group Battaggion-Valtorta-Molteni.

    At the beginning of December 2019, we have completed the transferring to Bergamo of the Company Valtorta (Brescia). In the first months of 2020 also the assembling and testing facilities of Molteni (Senago-Milan) will be moved to Bergamo. The new business unit will offer to our Customers the opportunity to decide, directly on site, with our Technicians and Staff, all the building phases of their Mixing system, to obtain the most performing Machine.


Battaggion industrial mixers and kneaders are exported all over the world, proving the high quality and performances of machines appreciated in the global market.

We have supplied more than 17.600 plants in 5 continents.