Battaggion kneaders with fixed tank continue to be a particularly valid solution in some industrial production processes.
In particular, when the final product can be compared to a low viscous liquid, the solution of fixed tank with discharge valves can fully cover the need of mechanical torque and power during the most stressing phases of the mixing process, allowing a final discharge through the bottom valves directly positioned inside the two cradles of the tank.
This solution grants the possibility to install this kind of equipment into completely automatic lines by means of the use of automatic feeding and dosing systems and with the discharge valves coupled with proper pumps for the transport of the material to the subsequent production phases.
Through the action of the sigma blades and of the masticator blades, the hard and tough materials are mixed and worked so to lower their viscosity to the final values.
For example, in alternative to the vertical mixers, the fixed tank kneaders can be used for the rubber dissolution with solvent, in case the product quality has to reach very high standard.
The possibility of thermally condition the whole machine, make fixed tank kneaders able to realize many different processes in which can take place chemical reactions or simple mixing so to obtain exactly the same characteristics of final compound in all the different points of the processed material. Thanks to these features the obtained product is sent to the subsequent phase of production.
Fixed tank kneaders can be equipped with:
  • Explosion proof configuration
  • Possibility to work with vacuum
  • Inerting during mixing process
  • Feeding and dosing of different ingredients, by means of the same software management
  • Different kind of valves (plug, butterfly, ecc..) to avoid at most the dead areas inside the tank
  • And much more..