The IPMR mixer is one the most important product in the innovation process that Battaggion carries on for the most hard and tenacious materials.
The model IPMR with tilting tank, as well as the model IPMC with screw discharge ca be widely used in the compound processes of all the different types of rubber, plastic materials, composite materials and ceramics.
In the field of rubber these kneaders can be also used for the dilution of highly filled masses, starting from a very tough base and reaching a final product near similar to a liquid.
The main characteristics of the IPMR mixer with tilting tank are:
  • Motorization group widely dimensioned so to have the possibility to mix the most hard and tenacious pastes
  • The mixing system, composed by tank and mixing blades, it is manufactured in special material and polished till the higher needs; the masticator blades are usually hardened by means of a stellite layer, both on the edges and on the peak of the mixing tank, so to increase their wear resistance to the abrasion.
  • Pressing ram cover with pneumatic/hydraulic control, so to obtain an homogeneous pressure onto the product
  • Tilting tank system, so to easily discharge the compounded as well as for an easy cleaning of the entire system.
The kneader with pressing ram can be coupled to other machines from our portfolio (ex. Twin screw extruder, our model TCS, or gear pump, our model GEP) in order to realize a complete line for the compounding and the filtration or rubber products.
The big advantage of our solution is related to the flexibility and the cleaning possibility of the mixing tank that allow to completely change the kind of production in an easier and faster way in comparison to the standard compounding solutions.