Let’s continue with our job, following the dispositions ruled for Covid-19

Here at Battaggion group, we’re ready to welcome you in safety.


The city of Bergamo, where our headquarter is located, with its province has been in the middle of the Covid-19 whirlwind. Absolutely one of the hardest hit areas. The always increasing numbers and the dramatic situation have forced us to slow down to leave space to the only real priority of the moment: flatten the curve.

With the hope of having left the worst behind us, today we want to continue where we left off, stronger and more conscious than before. We are ready to restart following the dispositions: sanitized spaces, sanitation devices and body temperature measurement, have been implemented to grant the safety of our staff, our customers and visitors.

With our job we tried to grant to our customers the in-time supply of the products we’ve designed together. Ready lines and others still in assembling phase, are present today in our workshop. We always ensure our technical and commercial support, with particular enthusiasm for every new project.

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We cannot wait to see you again!